Webinar: Understanding student thinking dispositions

20 March 2019 4:00pm AEDT

The world is changing and it is not going to go back! Are you future proofing your students and preparing them for the changes ahead? 21st century education is far more than the content. It is about preparing students for an ever-changing world.

In this webinar, Karen will introduce you to teaching through the dispositional lenses. Packed with practical examples you can use the next day in the classroom, Karen will challenge you to make simple and subtle changes that will have a lasting impact on student success.

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Karen Tui Boyes is a champion for Life Long Learning across nations, industries and organisations. An expert in effective teaching, learning and living. Karen turns research into practical and simple to use techniques that create success.

As the founder of Spectrum Education, a speaker, author and the publisher of the Teachers Matter Magazine, Karen gets rave reviews from all over the world. She was awarded the NZ Educator of the Year title in 2017 & 2014.