Webinar Recording: Teaching anxious kids

The state of youth mental health in Australia is worrying with 1 in 7 children aged between 4 and 17 diagnosed with a mental illness. Of those children, half are diagnosed with anxiety which is approaching epidemic proportions among both primary and secondary school students. Fortunately, teachers are wellplaced to support anxious students and to develop within them the skills and strategies to manage their anxiety, move it from centre stage and live life in full colour.

This webinar will help teachers to recognise and understand anxiety, how it impacts on learning and happiness and the practical steps to lessen its impact on a child’s life.

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Dr Jodi Richardson is a mental health and wellbeing speaker and educator. She’s dedicated to helping parents nurture resilient, relaxed, playful kids who develop lifelong habits of happiness and flourishing mental health.

Jodi has developed her expertise over two decades of professional work in teaching, wellbeing, clinical practice and elite sport; including working for beyondblue on the national schools-based initiative for the prevention of depression.

A mother of two primary-school-aged children, she is the founder and director of Happier on Purpose, the mental health and wellbeing expert for Parenting Ideas and together with Michael Grose, is the co-creator of Parenting Anxious Kids, an online course designed for parents and teachers of anxious children.