Webinar Recording: Friendships and Frenemies: When online dramas and playground spats spill into the classroom

Join Martine Oglethorpe as she looks at how social networks are changing the face of kid’s friendships and how this impacts on their real life relationships, and their ability to focus and to learn. Martine will also look at relationship and group dynamics both within and out of the classroom. With this understanding, you will learn how to give young people the skills and resilience to navigate online and offline social fracas to ensure they become confident and capable of achieving their individual potential.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • How friendships change throughout adolescence, as well as the difference between boys and girls friendship issues
  • Both the positive and negative ways social media and the online world affects friendships today
  • The role of school, parents and teachers in helping young people navigate friendship issues
  • The difference between bullying and ‘mean and nasty’
  • Strategies to deal with friendship issues in the classroom as well as processes for more serious bullying type behaviours
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Martine is an accredited speaker with the Office of the eSafety Commissioner, has a background in secondary education, a Masters in Counselling and is a mother to 5 boys. Through her personal and professional work with families she recognises the important role technology plays in the social and emotional wellbeing of young people.

Martine is a keynote speaker for parenting and education conferences, presents to parent groups, works regularly with students and provides professional development to teachers. She has a passionate interest in helping families safely navigate the modern world of parenting in a way that offers understanding as well as practical and realistic strategies to empower parents to teach, guide and support their children. For further details visit  The Modern Parent