Webinar Recording: Making it easier for beginning teachers

Presented by Amy Green

Beginning teachers are the future of education. It’s important that they are nurtured and encouraged as they navigate their first few years in the classroom. Supportive school infrastructure and culture, as well as self-care practices are essential in keeping beginning teachers in the classroom. In this webinar, Amy Green explains what beginning teachers need to know as they start their first few years of teaching and shares ways to help them manage their time, workload and stress levels while continuing to focus on teaching and developing in their profession.

Key learning and discussion points include:

  • what teaching really is
  • growth goals and guidance
  • practical ways to enhance teaching and learning in the classroom
  • student/teacher relationships for learning
  • wellbeing for beginning teachers
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Amy Green is Associate Director of Teacher Education at Real Schools and leads Real Schools Academy. She is a highly skilled teacher with outstanding practice in explicit and instructional teaching, differentiation and formative assessment. All of this combined enables Amy to support and enhance the capacity of all teachers. Amy is committed to making teaching easier for all teachers so they can thrive both in and out of the classroom.