Webinar Recording: Developing high functioning teams in schools

Presented by Steve Francis

Often in schools we assume that skilled individuals will combine well to produce skilled performance. This isn’t always the case in staff teams. Developing high functioning teams is an important part of optimising schools. High functioning teams are more efficient, effective and consistent. They collaborate with each other to get the best out of all participants. In this webinar, Steve Francis explains why group culture is so important in schools and how to achieve staff cohesion.

Key learning and discussion points include:

  • why teamwork is essential in busy schools
  • the four key aspects of high functioning teams
  • why missing just one aspect has a massive impact on team effectiveness
  • the benefits for individuals and the whole school
  •  identifying the aspects your team do well, and which ones need attention
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Steve Francis understands the challenges of working in schools. He was the Principal of a number of schools from a one teacher school through to a large metropolitan school and an international school in Hong Kong.

Steve has worked with the staff in hundreds of schools across Australia and New Zealand. He has also presented at many education conferences including EduTech, Australian Primary Principals, INTASE (Singapore), New Zealand Principals and many state conferences. He is passionate about optimising schools, improving work – life balance, keeping things simple and helping educators reach their potential. For further details visit www.stevefrancis.net.au.