Webinar Recording: Creating a positive classroom culture

Most people agree that the culture of a classroom is important. What they often disagree on is exactly what they mean by culture. There is a tendency to be vague about culture. It is often interpreted as some sort of vibe or atmosphere that sits across our learning environment. If we believe that culture is important, we need to become clear about what classroom culture really is.

Join Adam Voigt in this engaging webinar that will leave you with a working and practical definition of culture in simple, behavioural terms, understand the impact of classroom culture on both student wellbeing and performance and develop a repeatable methodology for building and sustaining a positive classroom culture.

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Adam Voigt is a real leader who walks the talk. The resident Education Expert for Channel 10’s “The Project”, his presentations are filled with stories, messages, tools and hope developed from years of successful School Leadership as a Principal in some of Australia’s most challenging locations. Adam is a leader & speaker who has genuinely ‘been there and done that’. Adam’s speaking and programs have taken him across Australia and internationally.

Adam takes critical messages about schools, learning, culture and leadership and elevates action in the education system through his ground-breaking business, Real Schools.

Just some of Adam’s achievements include:

  • presenting a TED Talk at the inaugural TEDx Darwin event
  • winning his first Principal position at only 35 years of age
  • opening a brand-new Northern Territory school as its inaugural Principal
  • extending his work on The Project to provide education comment on radio, television and in the print media across Australia