Resources for Schools

Resources for Schools

Right across Australia, schools turn to Parenting Ideas for parenting education, teacher development, professional learning and resources that they can share with parents in their school community. They trust us for informative, expert content that they can include in their parent-teacher meetings, school newsletters, websites, social media and more.

Resources for Schools

Memberships for schools

We have memberships developed specifically for schools. In just a few clicks, your school can gain instant access to an online platform bursting with articles, webinars, videos, professional learning and other shareable content. Think of it as parenting help that meets at the school gate.

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Educator webinars

We deliver a comprehensive program of webinars for educators. These are presented by parenting and child development experts such as Michael Grose, Maggie Dent, Dr Justin Coulson, Dr Deborah Gilboa, Dr Jodi Richardson, Tim Jezard, Karen Tui Boyes Adam Voigt and more.

If your school has a Premium Parenting Ideas membership, all the teachers at your school will receive access to our educator webinars at no cost.

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Our Young Leaders Program helps teachers to create leadership skills in young people. It incorporates ideas, tools and activities to help train students in the final two years of primary school and those who are given specific leadership roles.


We deliver inspiring keynotes, practical workshops and engaging presentations for conferences, schools and community-based organisations. To assist teachers, wellbeing staff and school conference organisers we offer both in-person and digital presentations.

Our presenters are credible, respected speakers and authors. Michael Grose was elevated to Professional Speakers Australia Hall of Fame, having won the Educator of Excellence Award.

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