Young Leaders Program


  • A student leadership program that’s easy to run
  • Fits easily into the existing curriculum
  • Caters for the whole class as well as elected student leaders



A complete student leadership program in a box for primary schools.

The Young Leaders program is easy to run, fits easily into the existing curriculum, caters for the whole class (not just elected student leaders) and involves parents as well.

The Young Leaders Program has three parts:

  1. A Personal Leadership Program for Year 5
  2. A Public Leadership Program for Year 6
  3. An Induction Program for elected leaders

All three programs feature four building blocks of student leadership that are specific to the Young Leaders Program

The Young Leaders Program has three parts. All three programs feature four building blocks of student leadership that are specific to the Young Leaders Program.

Personal Leadership: Year 5

This six session program introduces kids to the four building blocks of student leadership. If focuses on developing personal leadership before introducing them to public leadership in the following year. This solid leadership gives kids the background they need to be effective role models for their peers and set a positive tone at the top of the school.

Public Leadership: Year 6

A highly motivating four week program that needs minimal formal teaching. It combines in-school learning activities that kids already do, with at-home chores for successful completion. This part of the program focuses on the skills and mindsets they need for leading others.

Induction Program: Elected Student Leaders

This induction program prepares elected students for their positions of leadership and give them a greater understanding of leadership in general. Important, it helps all student leaders to get on the same page. It provides a valuable term meeting guide so that leaders continue to receive valuable teacher support

The Young Leaders Program includes:

  • comprehensive teacher manuals with quick start guides written in teacher language
  • a complete set of lesson plans for each section with motivating activities
  • student workbooks
  • a set of posters with leadership building blocks
  • a set of leadership cards with leadership qualities and attributes for class discussions, games and activities
  • pre and post evaluation activities
  • certificates of completion and heaps of other supplementary materials
  • full rights to teach this program and reproduce the materials

If your students are not making the progress you expected with the Young Leaders Program, write to us at within 90 days of delivery and receive a full refund.