Webinar: Teach girls to build each other up

29 March 2019 8:00pm AEST

Friendships can be problematic for many girls. They can be mean and put each other down and, conversely, they can be strong allies and wonderful sources of support.

Join Sharon Witt in this webinar that will show parents how to help girls create positive peer relationships and provide practical advice and ideas to navigate tricky situations including toxic friendships, cliques and bullying.

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Sharon Witt has been immersed in the teen world for over two decades in her role as a secondary teacher, author and presenter/motivational speaker to adolescents and their parents around the country. As well as conducting regular workshops within schools and youth events around Australia Sharon organises the hugely popular Raising Resilient Kids conference every year. She is a regular media commentator on issues impacting young people, parenting and educational issues.

Sharon is the author of 15 books written for young people to help guide them through many of the issues they face in early years, including Starting High School, Teen Talk and the best-selling Girlwise and Wiseguys series.