Learn 10 relaxation skills to reduce anxiety and maintain good mental health including:

  • How having two routines at home helps remove the stress and anxiety schedules are busy and kids feel overwhelmed
  • 5 habits to develop so children get the sleep that they need
  • How to creative outlets help children and young people unwind
  • The wonderful attribute of flow that’s found when children and young people find their passions


This attractive, easy-to-read electronic guide outlines 10 relaxation skills parents can develop in children to help better manage the pressures of busy lives.  These skills once known, can be purposefully modelled by parents.

Many of today’s kids also live with pressure. Pressure to do well at school, pressure to study at home and pressure to do their best at sport or whatever leisure activities they take up. Pressure has its upsides.

It helps kids to perform and do well. However excessive pressure is stressful, and leads to anxiety and even depression. Pressure needs to be released every so often, otherwise it continues to build up and becomes harmful. Relaxation is a great release for pressure. It makes the pressures of living more manageable. Relaxation is energizing. It’s like a car, filling up the tank, ready for its next journey.

Even learning one skill can make a huge difference to how child sees and interacts with the world.


Ideal for parents of 5 to 15 year olds.