Terrific 2 year olds


  • Learn how to develop the helping habits early in your child’s development.
  • Get valuable tips to curb aggression and manage young children’s frustrations.
  • Great for parents who want to enjoy and get the most from this wonderful age and stage of development.


Terrific Two is an attractive, easy-to-read, practical 20 page electronic guide that:

*  Gives parents and carers an invaluable developmental snapshot of the next twelve months of a child’s life.

*  Enables parents to revisit the joys and record the precious memories of the previous twelve months of their child’s life.

*  Provides expert insights and advice into this age group.

*  Helps parents plan ahead and get on the same child-rearing page with partners, friends and broader family.

It’s must have guide for every parent with a child in this age group, or who has a child who is about to turn two.