Sleep Guide


  • Establish good sleep patterns
  • Understand the importance to sleep
  • Learn the basics of good sleep hygiene


At Parentingideas we recognise that sleep maximises the brain growth that occurs in both toddlers and teenagers. Sleep also consolidates learning. Sleep research has shown that the brain practises what it has learned during the day when a young person is asleep. So sufficient sleep consolidates past learning as well as keeping a young person fresh to maximise their future learning.

Sleep experts stress that while adults may not have control over biology we can assist children and teens to establish good sleep patterns. It has been noted that children who develop good sleep patterns tend to carry these into adolescence. If you are the parent of young children and find yourself struggling to get them to sleep, or you are regularly battling kids who want to stay up longer, then some knowledge of good sleep habits maybe useful.

Many children are sleep deprived right now; lack of sleep is an underrated problem. We’ve put together this guide to help you understand the importance to sleep, learn the basics of good sleep hygiene and develop a range of behavioural strategies to make sure your kids regularly get a good night’s sleep.