Resilience Pack


  • Parenting for Resilience Workbook
  • COPING – 12 Essential coping strategies
  • UNWINDING – 10 Relaxation ideas
  • OPTIMISM – 10 Essential optimism skills


Children need to be resilient. They need to be able to bounce back from life’s bigger and smaller setbacks. Resilience is linked with good mental health habits and also with a child’s success.

This informative, easy to access e-Book bundle is a must-have for parents as they develop the skills of resilience in their kids.

Parenting for Resilience Workbook

This practical workbook is a fantastic resource for parents.
Understand the importance of developing resilience in children, how to actively promote a sense of resilience in children, and 12 coping strategies to deal with hardships, frustrations and difficulties.  A practical handbook plus short exercises parents can work through makes this a must-have resource for all families.

Coping e-Book

Learn how to help your kids to cope when life throws them curve balls with this fantastic e-book.  It outlines 12 essential coping strategies every child can use when life gets hard including normalisation, acceptance and keeping your perspective.  It contains a valuable User’s Guide to help you match the coping skills outlined with the different hardships kids encounter.  An absolute gem of an e-book!

Unwinding e-Book

10 practical tips to help kids maintain good mental health.  Take the stress away from parenting and encourage kids to learn life long lessons in well-being.

Optimism e-Book

10 essential optimism skills to teach your kids to help them feel better about themselves, be happier and achieve more.  This little e-book outlines 10 simple skills you can teach your kids so they can have a more positive, optimistic view of life.