12 essential relationship skills kids can learn in their family that stay for life including:

  • How a child can ask for what they want
  • 3 potent words that help kids get their needs met
  • How to ignore a sibling or friend who is giving them a hard time
  • The wonderful attribute of repairing relationships when they break down


This attractive, easy-to-read electronic guide outlines 12 skills parents can develop in children to help them manage conflict, relate better to others and communicate their needs. These skills once known, can be purposefully modelled by parents.

The family is a fabulous learning ground for children. It’s within their family that they learn so much about themselves and others. The communication and conflict resolution skills they learn are taken into the school ground, the workplace and into their own families. Much of the communication kids learn in their families is absorbed through observation, direct teaching and practice in every day situations. It helps then as a parent to be aware of the communication skills we model as well as the skills and techniques we can directly teach our kids.

Each skill includes a brief description; when it can used and tips for putting them into practice. Even learning one skill can make a huge difference to how a child sees and interacts with the world.

Ideal for parents of 3 to 15 year olds.