Parenting Essentials Pack



Feel confident and empowered on your parenting journey with these four fantastic online resources bundled together as one great value pack.


The Chores and Responsibilities e-Guide includes:

  • Lists of jobs suitable for different ages, from 3-year-olds to teenagers
  • Tips on how to get kids to help
  • Helping with chores versus pocket money


The Sleep e-Guide will support you in:

  • Establishing good sleep patterns
  • Understand the importance¬†of sleep for kids of all ages
  • Learn the basics of good sleep hygiene


The Pocket money e-Guide helps you to:

  • Develop good money habits with your kids
  • Tips for when to introduce pocket money
  • Guide for parents on how much pocket money for each age group


With the Parenting audit e-Guide you will:

  • Understand your parenting strengths and weaknesses
  • Practical strategies for how to make parenting changes at home
  • Take the audit with your partner and see how you parent differently