Parenting Boys Pack


Go to resource pack for parenting your son. Mothers and fathers of boys will find this practical resource full of expert advice on the challenges boys face relating to organisation, behaviour, self-esteem and discipline. This great money-saving pack contains 4 PDF eGuides:

  • Organising
  • Boosting Boys Self-Esteem
  • Managing Boys
  • Understanding Behaviour

A go to resource for parents of boys. Each eGuide provides practical tips for parents on organisation, behaviour, self-esteem and discipline:

  • 12 organisational ideas you can use to help boys succeed.
  • Understand the 5 common types of misbehaviour and the best way to respond rather than react.
  • How to bring out the best in your son with some fantastic tips on self-esteem and confidence.
  • A guide to teaching boys about consequences and discipline.

We’re blessed to be joined by five wonderful (very smart, very genuine & very contemporary) parenting educators who generously share their wisdom and ideas in the Parenting Boys course.

Sharon Witt, author of the best-selling Teen Talk : Boy Talk and the Girl Wise series, shares her special insights and knowledge to help you build a strong sense of self esteem in your daughters and assist you to develop a positive body image from an early age. Insightful stuff!

Dr. Jodi Richardson, has taken time from her busy schedule to share her tips to about how we can help boys better manage anger and prevent the escalation of emotions that seems rampant with many boys. Superb stuff!

Vanessa Hamilton, is a straight-talking sexuality educator par excellence who pulls no punches in showing you exactly how you should talk to your sons about sexuality and the importance of developing healthy attitudes toward women. She also wades into the tricky area of boys and porn talking about how to approach this subject with boys of all ages. Powerful stuff!

Martine Oglethorpe, is a teacher, counsellor and parenting educator with a difference. As the mother of five boys she knows what works when we’re talking about boyworld. Martine spends most of her professional time helping parents stay one step of their kids when it comes to technology. Her bonus session is like a breath of fresh air about parenting and technology-practical, insightful and positive.

Kate Johnson, has an amazing story to tell. The mother of three children, including a delightful 11 year old boy on the autism spectrum, Kate has garnered together an amazing community of parents with children on the spectrum offering support, advice and much-needed advocacy. Mark her session, a must watch!

And Parenting Idea’s own Michael Grose will share his insights into what makes boys tick; what drives boys; boy-friendly confidence-building strategies and how to manage boys so they’ll listen to you. He’ll also round out the program with essential mothering and fathering tips to help both you and your partner be the mum and dad that boys need.