Parenting Anxious Kids Online Course

Anxiety is debilitating, and will reoccur in adulthood if left unmanaged in childhood. Fortunately, there is so much parents and teachers can do to assist kids when they are anxious.

This online course is designed for the parents and teachers of children who experience anxiety. Held over six sessions and featuring leading authorities from around the world, the course offers a range of tools to help manage and respond to anxiety, both in the moment and over the long term. Designed by author and award-winning parenting speaker Michael Grose and wellbeing expert Dr Jodi Richardson, the course also provides information on what anxiety is and how it functions in the brain and the body. Included in the course are mindfulness and breathing techniques, as well as strategies on nutrition, exercise, goal-setting, awareness and more.

Developed by a team of parenting and child development experts
Take the course as many times as you like
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Today, more and more children are affected by anxiety to the point of it impacting on their happiness and quality of life. Although anxiety can be a major problem, it doesn’t have to be a lifelong struggle.

Our Parenting Anxious Kids online course was created to help the parents and teachers of children with anxiety. Designed by author and award-winning parenting speaker Michael Grose and wellbeing expert Dr Jodi Richardson, the course provides parents with a detailed understanding of what anxiety is and ongoing ways to respond and adapt.

The six session course features extensive information and interviews from leading authorities from around the world, as well as practical tools to cope with anxiety day-to-day.

The course focuses on mindfulness and breathing exercises, and also features strategies for lifestyle changes, from nutrition to screen time.

Take a look at the video introduction for this course:

Who this course is for

The course was designed for parents and teachers of primary school aged children and teenagers. Most children and teenagers experience anxiousness that overwhelms them and impacts on their wellbeing, happiness and success at some point in their lives. This course aims to make specialised knowledge common knowledge so information and skills to manage children’s anxiety is pertinent to everyone, particularly:

  • parents of children and teenagers
  • teachers, coaches and other adults who work with children and teenagers
  • teachers so they can assist parents of anxious children
  • professionals who work with parents and teachers

The course has been designed to provide the skills, knowledge and tools to support children when they worry excessively or when anxiousness threatens to derail them.

Children as young as four have been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder so we believe it’s never to early for parents and teachers to develop the skills and knowledge to assist children appropriately when they become anxious.

The Parenting Anxious Kids online course is designed to be completed at any pace and can be revisited as often as needed.

You will receive all six sessions plus an introductory and a summary session when you register. How you proceed with the course is up to you. You can take a session a day; save them for the weekend or complete them at your convenience.

Each session includes an interview with an expert, a fun questionnaire to help the learning stick; a ‘try now’ activity for skill development; a ‘try later’ section to aid overall lifestyle changes; and ‘more learning’, which leads to an app, a TED talk, or other handy information.

About the sessions

There are six sessions in the Parenting Anxious Kids online course:

Session 1: Cutting through the complexity of anxiety
Session 2: Discovering the difference mindfulness makes
Session 3: Learning the ABCD’s of anxiety management
Session 4: Practising your response to anxious moments
Session 5: Understanding how nutrition can ease anxiety
Session 6: Meeting an anxious child’s best friend – the local GP

What you’ll learn

During this course you’ll learn all that there is to know about the physiological aspects of anxiety including what triggers anxiety; and importantly, how to better manage children’s and teenagers’ anxious moments. You’ll also learn:

  • proven strategies to assist children and teenagers to minimise and manage their anxiousness
  • a response plan that you can use when your kids become overwhelmed by anxiety
  • how to respond appropriately rather than react emotionally when children are anxious
  • an overall anxiety management plan that will help you take your child or young person from anxiousness to resilience
  • how to put a support team in place to assist children and young people when they are anxious

Access, start and revisit anytime 

The Parenting Anxious Kids course, like all our courses, offers maximum flexibility. Once you have enrolled, the six sessions, learning materials and activities will stay in your online dashboard forever so you can revisit the information as often as you like. You can also visit sessions when specific problems and challenges occur.

This also means that if now isn’t the best time for you to take the course, you can simply enrol now and start the course at a time that suits you.

The Parenting Anxious Kids online course was researched and designed by author and award-winning parenting speaker Michael Grose and wellbeing expert Dr. Jodi Richardson.

Michael Grose has an education background and holds a Master of Educational Studies, with research into what makes healthy families tick. He has conducted over 1500 parenting seminars and is the author of ten parenting books, including Spoonfed Generation, and the best-selling Why First Borns Rule the World and Last Borns Want to Change It. Michael appears regularly on television, including Channel Ten’s The Today Show, and is a popular and entertaining speaker.

Dr. Jodi Richardson is a mental health, wellbeing and happiness science speaker, educator and married mum of two primary school aged children. She’s dedicated to helping parents and teachers understand anxiety in their children and students; how it makes them feel (and why), and how to respond in ways that empower anxious kids with the insights and skills they need to flourish.

A team of experts with a wealth of knowledge

Our presenters gathered a team of leading experts to share their wisdom, knowledge and expertise. Here’s a little about them:

Associate Professor Craig Hassed is a senior lecturer in the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences at Monash University, coordinator of a wide variety of Monash mindfulness programs and is an internationally recognised speaker, educator and author. He features in the mind body medicine documentary, The Connection, and is an ambassador for Smiling Mind.

Dr. Chris McCurry is a clinical psychologist who hails from Seattle, Washington, USA where he runs a busy clinical practice specialising in assessment and treatment of children and teenagers experiencing anxiety. His primary mode of treatment is Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, also known as ACT. Chris is the author of six books, including Parenting your Anxious Child with Mindfulness and Acceptance and Working with Parents of Anxious Children. Chris’s expertise in the area of children’s anxiety management is recognised by professionals around the world.

Nicole Topp is a practising naturopath for over 16 years. She is especially dedicated to discovering how anxiety affects the children she treats, what exacerbates their symptoms and supporting them with evidence-based nutrition and herbal medicine. Her personal experience of anxiety and as a parent of two anxious children means that Nic understands how anxiety impacts the family unit and how incredibly important it is to feel supported.

Associate Professor Lena Sanci is committed to improving the mental health and well-being of children and young people. A medical doctor, Lena is Deputy Head of the Department of General Practice at the University of Melbourne. In addition to her work at the university, which includes overseeing the department’s primary care network of around 1000 medical practices and co-leading the children’s and young people’s research stream, Lena works with teenagers at Family Planning Victoria’s action centre.