Learn 12 organisational skills to help boys (and girls) succeed including:

  • How to help children when they are overwhelmed by the size of task they are given
  • 5 attributes that make goal-setting effective motivators for children
  • How to use visual methods to assist organisationally-challenged children
  • The wonderful attribute of anchoring that makes forgetful children less dependent on adults.


This attractive, easy-to-read electronic guide outlines 12 organisational strategies that help children become more independent and self-sufficient.

Being organised is related to children’s and young people’s achievement levels. The work of Professor Michael Bernard from Melbourne University found that children’s ability to organise themselves, their time and others was one of four attributes, over and above academic smarts, that we shared by successful students. The others are persistence (see Thriving by Michael Grose), social skills (see Friends skill-builder) and a sense of optimism (see Optimism skill-builder).

The best way to teach boys and girls to be organised is to introduce them to systems and processes such as anchoring, chunking and goal-setting. These and other skills are covered in this guide.


Ideal for parents of children from 5 -15.