Michael’s Book Pack


Get 6 of Michael’s most popular books in this great money-saving pack – a great addition to your personal or professional library. These books will help you:

  • Become a better family leader
  • Develop resilience and independence in kids
  • Develop a better understanding of each child in your family
  • Become the mum and dad that you want to be


Here’s what can you expect from reading each book:

Spoonfed Generation – discover the real secrets to raising truly independent kids.

Thriving! – learn fantastic skills and ideas for raising confident, resilient kids.

Teach your kids to Shrug – put the power in kids’ hands to resolve their own problems.

Why first borns rule the world – this ground-breaker lifts the lid on sibling politics.

A Man’s Guide to Raising Kids – discover how dads truly do parent differently and why we should get dads into the parenting act more often.

One Step Ahead – a comprehensive guide to wise family management with an A-Z to common parenting challenges that parents rave about.