High School Rocks


Help your teenager to:

  • Cope with the stress of moving to high school
  • Handle homework
  • Get organised
  • Navigate technology
  • Deal with friendships and bullying
  • Think about cybersafety


By Jenny Atkinson

Starting high school can be an exciting, but also daunting time for children. And for parents too, it can seem like a new world, as high school is definitely not the same as primary school.

This Amazon bestseller gives parents the tools to prepare themselves and their child for: coping with the stress of moving to high school, handling homework, getting organised, communicating with teenagers, navigating technology, dealing with friendships, bullying and cybersafety… and so much more.

Based on the latest research, and with useful tips and success stories from teachers, parents and the students themselves, parents will have everything they need to help their child thrive and have an awesome high school experience.




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