17 essential social skills every child needs to make and retain friends including:

  • How to ignore someone who is annoying you, both at home and at school
  • 4 tips to teach children to be good winners and losers when they play games with others
  • How to resist peer pressure and say NO without losing their cool or status
  • The wonderful attribute of approaching others and joining a group when you are on your own


This attractive, easy-to-read electronic guide outlines 17 every day social skills parents can develop in children to help them be less ego-centric and more confident when they mix with their peers.

The work of Professor Michael Bernard from Melbourne University found that children who had good friendship skills were generally happier and were more successful at school than those who lacked or struggled socially. In fact, Bernard discovered that successful children had four attributes, over and above academic smarts, in common. These are persistence (see Thriving by Michael Grose), organisational skills (see Organising skill-builder), a sense of optimism (see Optimism skill-builder) and friendship skills.

Each skill in this guide includes a brief description; tips for their use and why it’s important. Even learning one skill can make a huge difference to how a child sees and interacts with the world.


Ideal for parents of 5 to 15 year olds.