Why First Borns Rule the World and Last Borns want to change it


  • Understand sibling dynamics and how to respond as a parent
  • Tips to match your parenting style to your child’s birth order position
  • Great for parents to understand their own birth order position and how that impacts their parenting!


Recognised around the world as a landmark book on birth order.  ‘Why first borns rule’ outlines the impact of birth order on children’s behaviour and personality development.

As a parenting book it helps parents make sense of sibling rivalry and kids fighting and offers guidance about how to make your parenting match each birth order position. As a book about birth order it does so much more.

Reading this, you will gain insights about yourself that can be scary as well as learn how to play the game of family politics. As featured in BBC London, Psychology magazine United kingdom, Family Circle Australia and over 140 radio & TV programs, magazines and newspapers worldwide.