E-Guide Collection


Learn practical ways to use pocket-money to develop independence in children; how to make sure your child gets a good night’s sleep; how to reduce potentially destructive sibling rivalry; and learn how to conduct regular family meetings that are the lynchpin to happy, harmonious families.

  • Get a guide to how much pocket money your child should get
  • Discover the basics of good sleep hygiene
  • Learn how to develop your children’s conflict resolution skills though regular family meetings
  • Discover the 7 ways to reduce sibling rivalry in your family


These four e-guides provide practical solutions to some of the common challenges many parents face.

Should you link pocket money to jobs?
How can you get you child to bed without creating a fuss?
What is the best way to respond when kids fight?
How can I conduct a successful family meeting?

We answer these questions and many more in these practical, no nonsense electronic parenting guides created by Michael Grose.