Learn 12 essential coping strategies every child can use when life gets hard including:

  • How to park their negative or bad thoughts so they can be happy
  • 4 ways to see the silver lining in every difficult situation
  • How to quickly gain some perspective when they lose their sense of proportion
  • The wonderful attribute of flexible thinking


This attractive, easy-to-read electronic guide outlines twelve research-based coping strategies that you can teach children from 5 to 15 years of age so that they can cope better with the stresses of every day life.

Resilience research supports the notion that children shouldn’t be protected from stresses of daily life. Instead they need to develop the coping skills that will enable them manage the hardships, frustrations and difficulties they experience at school, at home and when they are with their peers.

Each skill includes a brief description; when it can used and examples of language to make it easy for you to bring into every day life.

It also contains a handy table that shows which every day stressor or hardship that each skill is suited for.


Ideal for parents of children from 5-15.