Education Presentations and Conferences

Education Presentations and Conferences

Michael conducts half day and full day workshops that are ideal for teachers, school leaders and other professionals that work with children and parents. The most requested topics Include:

Building strong family-school partnerships

Schools are at their dynamic best when parents and teachers work together
The best outcomes for students happen when parents and teachers work together with an understanding of the each other’s goals and aspirations. Currently, the home-school partnership is problematic, and takes a great deal of effort and expertise to make happen. This presentation will explore the changing landscape of parents and help educators identify the key skill sets and attitudes to help them effectively work with parents.

Creating a strong culture of care and service

Care & service generates tremendous good will and loyalty. And it’s free.
One of the keys to building strong family-school partnerships is the establishment of a strong culture of client care among all staff. Care and service is the basis of great professional relationships, impacting on how parents feel about your school. This presentation will explore key components of good client care so you learn practical ways to develop a culture of care and service across the school.

Managing difficult parent conversations

Do you or any of your colleagues dread holding conferences and meeting with certain parents? Do you avoid challenging conversations with parents because you can do without the aggro? This practical session will help build teacher skills and confidence to place them in a position of influence every time they meet with parents.

Supporting parents with parenting

Increasingly parents are turning to schools and early learning centres for advice and support they need. In this presentation Michael will cover effective strategies that schools and individual teachers can use to support parents with their parenting dilemmas.

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