Parenting Presentations

Michael conducts entertaining and motivating parenting presentations and half day workshops for schools, workplaces and community groups. His topics include:

  • How to develop independence in kids
  • Parenting for Resilience
  • Raising Well-behaved Kids
  • Emotional Intelligence

His presentation on raising independent kids has become his most popular. Here’s what parents have to say:

“Everything that Michael said made sense. I left his presentation with practical tips on how to create greater family harmony and a renewed enthusiasm.”

“It is rare to hear from someone who has made the study of parenting their life’s work – and the depth of Michael’s insight is a great gift for those of us stuck right in the middle of it!”

“This is the second time I’ve heard Michael speak. I always come home with useful and practical suggestions that help me connect better with my kids.”

Presentation Bookings

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