Parenting Presentations and Conferences

Parenting Presentations and Conferences

Michael conducts entertaining and motivating parenting presentations and half day workshops for schools, workplaces and community groups. Most requested topics include:

Spoonfed Generation: How to raise independent children

The parenting pathway for a child’s happiness and confidence is easier than we think. Parents since the dawn of time have always had the goal of redundancy when raising their kids. Understand this goal and parenting becomes a whole lot easier. In this fascinating presentation Michael will show you what real independence-building entails so that we can raise and educate a generation ready to make their mark in the world.

Bring some cat and dog to your parenting

Modern research shines a light on the authoritative parenting style as a key contributor to a child’s success, happiness and wellbeing. Using cats and dogs as metaphor for the essential elements of the authoritative approach this presentation helps parents become the family leaders that their children need.

Raising emotionally intelligent kids

We’ve been able to send a spaceship to the moon and back but we’re only scratching the surface when it comes to managing our emotions. This presentation will help you navigate the loud, messy and uncomfortable world of emotions so that you can help your kids recognise and regulate their own emotional states including anger, anxiousness and fear.

Parenting for Resilience

Life throws kids curve balls all the time. How they handle these ups and downs depends on many factors, including their own spirit, the support they receive and their coping skills.
This presentation will give you an understanding of the importance of resilience as well as practical strategies to help kids cope with some of life’s current adversities while building strengths for the future

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