One Step Ahead

Raising 3 -12 year olds

Good parenting isn’t instinctive. It’s something you learn by trial and error. But a little guidance on what to expect from your children goes a long way to helping you be confident and effective. This book provides helpful and practical advice on all sorts of specific problems, from fussy eaters, to swearing and tantrums to making friends. It outlines the various stages and ages at which these problems are likely to occur and shows you how to keep your cool by staying one step ahead.

The book identifies the behavioural and developmental issues that most often cause concern and shows you how to work through them by:

  • Understanding your child’s behaviour and individuality
  • Teaching your child social and physical skills
  • Giving your child the freedom to learn from mistakes
  • Encouraging your child’s sense of responsibility and self-discipline
  • Involving your child in family decision-making and conflict resolution
  • Communicating positively and acknowledging achievements
  • Establishing routines – and getting your kids to stick to them


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