Anxious Mums

How mums can turn their anxiety into strength

The challenge of anxiety never tests you more than when you become a mother. From conceiving, to pregnancy, to birth, and forever more, there are infinite reasons for your anxiety to be heightened. The impact on mothers isn’t just the anxiety itself, it’s the stop sign it seems to put up in front of you at almost every turn.

Dr Jodi Richardson, co-author of the bestselling Anxious Kids, wants to educate and inspire mothers to:

  • recognise and understand their anxiety
  • build the skills and a lifestyle to manage and minimise their symptoms
  • develop thinking skills to manage unhelpful and worrying thoughts
  • cultivate confidence to embrace change and uncertainty
  • strengthen their ability and willingness to tolerate discomfort
  • know and act by their values
  • enrich relationships with their partner, friends and children
  • understand emotional labour and manage their ‘mental load’
  • strive to fulfil personal and professional goals and ambitions
  • raise emotionally intelligent children with skills for flourishing mental health

Hear from Dr Jodi Richardson about anxiety and motherhood, or find out more about our related presentations.

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Dr Jodi Richardson
Dr Jodi Richardson

Dr Jodi Richardson helps people to reduce their anxiety, strengthen their wellbeing, live by their personal values and achieve resilience and lasting happiness. Her research-based advice is grounded in a career of extensive university studies, clinical practice, education and endless compassion. Jodi is the co-author of the highly acclaimed book Anxious Kids. Her latest release is Anxious Mums: How mums can turn their anxiety into strength. For further details visit