Webinar Recording: Helping your child with anxiety

Presented by Dr Justin Coulson

Anxiety has become one of the leading causes of ill-health in our children. And it’s also affecting more parents than ever before. The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated what was already an accelerating problem.

Can we stop anxiety? Where is it coming from? Are our kid’s bubble-wrapped snowflakes that just need to “toughen up” and get over it? Or is there an approach to our children’s anxiety that can build them, encourage them, and give them hope?

This webinar will provide the answers every parent needs to help their children – and even to help themselves.

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Dr Justin Coulson writes and speaks about parenting and family – because nothing matters more. Justin returned to full time study in his late twenties where he earned first class honours and a subsequent PhD in Psychology so that he could learn how to be a better husband and father. Now the focus of his life is his family and helping other families flourish – in that order. He lives with his wife and six daughters in Brisbane, Queensland.

Justin has written six books and is a four-time bestselling author. He is an occasional columnist for the New York Times and appears regularly in all of Australia’s major news outlets for television, radio, and print. He has built an enviable reputation as a parenting educator of the last decade, but he is perhaps best known as the parenting expert in Channel Nine’s reality show, Parental Guidance.