Webinar: Changing parenting gears for the teenage years

Presented by Michael Grose

31 August 2022 8:00pm AEST

Many parents discover that the approaches they successfully used when their children were young don’t stand up during the turbulent teenage years. Well-intentioned advice receives eye rolls and groans. Previous  approaches to discipline no longer work, and enjoyable conversations are replaced with conflict, or worse, silence. In this webinar, Michael Grose discusses the importance of changing parenting gears during the teenage years. He shares the critical shifts parents need to make when raising teenagers.

Key learning and discussion points include:

  • why giving teenagers information to keep them safe doesn’t work and what to do instead
  • how to talk to teens about hard topics so that they take ideas on board
  • how to support young people when they are experiencing friendship and other challenges
  • why mistakes are an essential part of growing up and what parents can do to minimise harm
  • the three stages of adolescence and the parenting approaches that each requires
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Michael Grose is one of Australia’s leading parenting educators and an award-winning speaker who has been informing and inspiring audiences around Australia and internationally for more than 20 years.

He is a bestselling author of 12 books for parents including the best-selling Why First Borns Rule the World and Later-Borns Want to Change It.

Michael has had parenting segments on The Project, The Today Show, Weekend Sunrise, 3AW, ABC radio and more. He has contributed to Huff Post, Kidspot and Mamma Mia, and is a former columnist with News Ltd and Fairfax newspapers.