Webinar Recording: Building lasting happiness in children

Presented by Dr Jodi Richardson

When you ask parents what they want for their kids, by far the most common reply is “I just want them to be happy”. And though this desire goes hand-in-hand with such things as good health, an education and a safe place to call home, happiness is a really difficult area for parents to navigate or seek assistance with. Nobody denies the importance of happiness, but how many parents have ever been shown how to model and implement it? In this webinar, Dr Jodi Richardson explains how lifelong happiness stems from how we think and what we do, rather than from what we have.

Key learning and discussion points include:

  • a new definition of happiness
  • what stands in the way of happiness
  • why the science says “more stuff” doesn’t make us happier, and what to do instead
  • the skills of happiness – quantifiable, helpful areas of output for parents to nurture in their children
  • evidence-based strategies to increase happiness
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Dr Jodi Richardson is a professional speaker, author and wellness educator who helps people work through the challenges and opportunities associated with mental health, wellbeing, happiness and purpose. She does this through presentations, conference keynotes, seminars, webinars, workshops and podcasts.

Jodi combines nine years of university study with more than 20 years of professional work in clinical practice, education and elite sport. She is a respected media commentator in the wellbeing space. Academically accomplished, professionally experienced and intrinsically compassionate, she has commented via ABC Breakfast, Sunrise, The TODAY Show, the Herald Sun and Studio 10.