Parenting Girls Online Course

Parenting Girls is an online course which explores the big issues facing girls. It covers topics like self-esteem, positive body image, friendship and conflict, digital dramas, mental health and sexuality. Appropriate for parents of girls aged 3-15, the course gives parents the tools required to help their daughter navigate the trials and demands of contemporary girlhood.

Developed by a team of parenting and child development experts
Take the course as many times as you like
Videos and workbooks to complement your online learning


Girls and their parents receive many conflicting messages about what it means to be a girl. This course provides a go-to guide for time-poor parents and reveals the secrets to raising girls from toddlers to teens.

Discover straightforward tools that you can use to help your daughters navigate the trials and demands of contemporary girlhood and to emerge the other end confident and courageous.

With girls developing mental health problems at a far higher rate than boys; the issue of the ‘mean girl’ phenomenon that sees girls being awful to each other; and the growth in body image difficulties – parenting girls is more difficult than ever. This course will give you the skills, knowledge and confidence you need to guide your daughters successfully through their different (and difficult) stages of development.

With up-to-date information on the big issues facing girls, Michael Grose is joined by leading experts in the field – Dr Jodi Richardson, Martine Oglethorpe, Vanessa Hamilton and Sharon Witt – to provide insights and opportunities for further learning.

The Parenting Girls course contains 12 videos (between 20-30 minutes in length) each with accompanying materials and activities covering the 12 most important topics for parenting girls. And because we know that  parents don’t always have time to sit and watch a video, the video sessions are also available as mp3 audio downloads so you can listen in the car, while cooking dinner, or on the go.

View a few snippets of the videos in our course below.

Developing positive body image

Looking after mental health

Dealing with digital dramas

You receive all the sessions at once and the way you view them is up to you. You can watch one video each day; save a couple to watch each weekend or view them at your leisure.

Here’s the best part……

The 12 videos, audios and handouts will stay in your online dashboard forever so you can revisit and relive the learning whenever you wish. You can also share the learning material with your partner so you are both on the same page.

Here are the 12 important topics we cover in the course:

Session 1: Develop a foundation of strong self esteem

Session 2: Fine tune emotional intelligence

Session 3: Looking after the mental health of girls

Session 4: Communicating with girls (and helping them find their voice)

Session 5: How to help girls make and maintain friendships

Session 6: How to help girls when friendships don’t work (including managing bullying)

Session 7: Good mental health habits for girls

Session 8: Dealing with digital dramas (it doesn’t have to be so complicated)

Session 9: Talk to girls about sex and sexuality

Session 10: Talk to girls about respectful relationships

Session 11: Developing a healthy body image

Session 12: How to be the mum and dad your daughter wants

As you can see these are such central topics for the successful parenting of girls.


Take the course at your own pace 

We understand that life can be busy, and now may not be the ideal time for you to take this course. The Parenting Girls course, like all our courses, offers maximum flexibility. There are two ways you can approach the Parenting Girls course.

  1. Set aside two hours each weekend to focus on two – four sessions at a time
  2. Do the sessions at your own pace – the sessions stay live on your dashboard forever

We’re joined by three wonderful parenting educators who generously share their wisdom and ideas in the Parenting Girls course.

Sharon Witt, author of the best-selling Girl Wise series, shares her special insights and knowledge to help you build a strong sense of self esteem in your daughters and assist you to develop a positive body image from an early age. Insightful stuff!

Dr. Jodi Richardson, has taken time from her busy schedule to share her tips to help you develop the right mental health habits in your daughters (and yes, mindfulness is one of them) and what to do if your daughter struggles with mental health issues. She also wades in to the tricky area of girls and friendships and offers expert guidance for parents of girls of all ages in this vital area. Superb stuff!

Vanessa Hamilton, is a straight-talking sexuality educator par excellence who pulls no punches in showing you exactly how you should talk to your daughters to develop a healthy attitude toward sexuality and to develop your daughter’s understanding of what a respectful relationship looks and feels like. Powerful stuff!

Martine Oglethorpe, from the Modern Parent is a teacher, counsellor and parenting educator with a difference.  Martine spends most of her professional time helping parents stay one step of their kids when it comes to technology. Her session is like a breath of fresh air about parenting and is technology-practical, insightful and positive.

And finally, Parenting Ideas founder Michael Grose will share his insights on helping girls be more assertive, confident communicators; as well as how to be the mum and dad that girls want and how to avoid the Good Girl curse.