Parenting Boys Online Course Pack

  • A ‘go to’ course for parents of boys from 3-15
  • The key to raising a happy, confident and balanced boy is to understand what makes him tick
  • The course delves into the minds of boys; exploring emotions, behaviour, communication, learning and sexuality
  • As an ASG Member, you also receive our Parenting Boys Pack (valued at $35) for FREE!
Developed by a team of parenting and child development experts
Take the course as many times as you like
Videos and workbooks to complement your online learning


Boys are awesome. They’re also exhausting, challenging and can be difficult to manage at times. The key to raising a happy, confident and balanced boy is to understand what makes him tick.

Our Parenting Boys online course delves into the minds of boys; exploring topics like emotions, behaviour, education, organisation, communication and sexuality.  From pre-school through to teens, the course empowers parents to be one step ahead with practical tools and strategies to assist in raising happy sons to become fine young men.

With up-to-date information on the big issues facing boys, Michael Grose is joined by leading experts in the field – Dr. Jodi Richardson, Vanessa Hamilton, Sharon Witt, Martine Oglethorpe, and Kate Johnson – to provide insights and opportunities for further learning.

The Parenting Boys course contains 12 videos (between 20-30 minutes in length) each with an accompanying handout and activity covering the 12 most important topics for parenting boys.  And because we know that as busy parents we don’t always have time to sit and watch a video, the video sessions are also available as mp3 audio downloads so you can listen in the car, while cooking dinner, or whilst on the run.

There’s an additional 3 bonus video sessions (with audio downloads) that include our experts talking about their personal experiences & insights parenting their own sons.
In addition we have a special 30 minute video that will teach you leading edge strategies for parenting boys on the autism spectrum.

“The information really makes sense and definitely inspires me to be a better parent. I feel more empowered and confident and reassured. Knowing you’re not the only one experiencing the difficult issues helps as well. I’m so grateful for this information from such a relative and trustworthy source.” – Kate

“I feel like I have a better understanding of how boys differ from girls and I now know that some of the behaviours that frustrate me are part of the boy package, so I am working with them instead of fighting them or trying to change my boys. This course has given me strategies to do this.” – Libby

A sneak peek

These are just a few tiny snippets from the wealth of gold you can expect over the duration of the course.

You receive all the sessions at once and the way you view them is up to you. You can watch one video each day; save a couple to watch each weekend or view them at your leisure.

Here’s the best part……

The 12 videos, audios, handouts and 4 bonus sessions will stay in your online dashboard forever so you can revisit and relive the learning whenever you wish. You can also share the learning material with your partner so you are both on the same page.


Here are the 12 important topics we cover in the course:

Session 1: The psychology of boys (what makes boys tick)

Session 2: The physiology of boys (what drives boys)

Session 3: Communicating with boys (including how to speak with conversational clams)

Session 4: Managing boys (boy-friendly discipline)

Session 5: How to help boys be more confident

Session 6: The keys behind helping boys learn

Session 7: Helping boys be more organised

Session 8: Helping boys succeed at school

Session 9: Helping boys manage big emotions (including toning down anger & aggression)

Session 10: Developing healthy attitudes toward sex and relationships

Session 11: Boys and digital technology (how to leverage technology & minimise risk)

Session 12: How to be the mother and father that boys need


Bonus sessions

Session 13:  Mental health expert & writer, Dr. Jodi Richardson, talks about her experience of raising a young son in the pre-school and early primary school years

Session 14:  Writer, Educator & Speaker, Sharon Witt, will discuss her experiences of raising a teenage boy

Session 15:  Sexuality health nurse & educator, Vanessa Hamilton, will share her experiences of parenting an all boy household. Vanessa has 3 boys and is passionate about raising fine young men.


Special bonus session

Session 16: Parenting boys on the autism spectrum.
Kate Johnson from Spectrum Journeys will share her wisdom about parenting boys on the autism spectrum. This is information and knowledge that every parent should know!

As you can see these are such central topics for the successful parenting of boys.


Too busy now? No dramas

We understand that life can be busy, and now may not be the ideal time for you to take this course. The Parenting Boys course, like all our courses, offers maximum flexibility. There are two ways you can approach the Parenting Boys course.

  1. Set aside two hours each weekend to focus on two – four sessions at a time
  2. Do the sessions at your own convenience at another time as the sessions stay live on your dashboard forever

“I was losing hope in my son and after doing the course, I realised it was that I didn’t understand him very well. I also have a far greater understanding of my other son – who is opposite to the other. I have a long way to go, but because of this course, I now have so many tools to assist along the way. The material was very up to date and hands on.  Finally, the way we could do it in our own time was also fantastic.” – Joey

“A big thank-you! Doing this course has been a very empowering experience. I now feel like I’ve gained control and have lots of different strategies to use!” – Belinda


As an ASG Member, you also receive our Parenting Boys Pack (valued at $35) for FREE!

We’re blessed to be joined by five wonderful (very smart, very genuine & very contemporary) parenting educators who generously share their wisdom and ideas in the Parenting Boys course.

Sharon Witt, author of the best-selling Teen Talk : Boy Talk and the Girl Wise series, shares her special insights and knowledge to help you build a strong sense of self esteem in your daughters and assist you to develop a positive body image from an early age. Insightful stuff!

Dr. Jodi Richardson, has taken time from her busy schedule to share her tips to about how we can help boys better manage anger and prevent the escalation of emotions that seems rampant with many boys. Superb stuff!

Vanessa Hamilton, is a straight-talking sexuality educator par excellence who pulls no punches in showing you exactly how you should talk to your sons about sexuality and the importance of developing healthy attitudes toward women. She also wades into the tricky area of boys and porn talking about how to approach this subject with boys of all ages. Powerful stuff!

Martine Oglethorpe, is a teacher, counsellor and parenting educator with a difference. As the mother of five boys she knows what works when we’re talking about boyworld. Martine spends most of her professional time helping parents stay one step of their kids when it comes to technology. Her bonus session is like a breath of fresh air about parenting and technology-practical, insightful and positive.

Kate Johnson, has an amazing story to tell. The mother of three children, including a delightful 11 year old boy on the autism spectrum, Kate has garnered together an amazing community of parents with children on the spectrum offering support, advice and much-needed advocacy. Mark her session, a must watch!

And Parenting Idea’s own Michael Grose will share his insights into what makes boys tick; what drives boys; boy-friendly confidence-building strategies and how to manage boys so they’ll listen to you. He’ll also round out the program with essential mothering and fathering tips to help both you and your partner be the mum and dad that boys need.