Resources for Parents

Resources for Parents

At Parenting Ideas, we’re here to help people successfully raise confident, happy and resilient kids. Over the course of nearly twenty years, we’ve become one of Australia’s most trusted sources of parenting education and support. Below you can explore the many resources we offer to help you in your parenting journey.

Resources for Parents

Books & Guides

The parenting techniques we employ have such a significant and lasting impact on our children and their development. We all want the same thing for them – to be happy, healthy, resilient and well-adjusted people. If you’re interested in expanding your skills and confidence in effective parenting, or hearing from child development experts, you can read up on the latest insights through one of our books and guides.

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Online Courses

Our online courses have been designed to help parents to expand their skills and increase their confidence in raising children. Delivered in easy to navigate sessions with videos, reading materials and activities, our courses can be completed at any pace. All of the information and resources can be revisited as many times as needed.

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Through our webinars, parents can access expert advice and tips on a range of parenting challenges. Our topics cover a wide variety of recurring parenting issues such as behaviour, confidence and siblings, as well as more contemporary issues such as online safety and use of video games.

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