Student Leadership for Grade 5 and 6 students

31 January 2017

Student Leadership for Grade 5 and 6 students

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by Michael Grose

Developing leadership mindsets is the missing ingredient in most student leadership programs. There are four key habits of mind you can reinforce to maximise student leadership effectiveness and get kids thinking like leaders.

Before you can develop habits of the mind you need to develop the necessary vocabulary to anchor their learning.

For instance, to develop a leadership mindset you should encourage kids to ‘think like a leader’. This cues them into leadership thinking as opposed to viewing a situation from an individual’s perspective.

Here are four terms you can use to encourage habits of the mind in four essential leadership areas:

1. Presentation skills

“Speak out” becomes the habit of the mind that triggers behaviours such as speaking clearly, standing strong & making eye contact when they speak.

2. Responsibility

“Be accountable” is the habit of the mind that reminds students to become accountable for themselves, their group and their belongings.

3. Organisation

“Plan ahead” is the habit to remind students to think ahead, plan ahead and make time for plans to happen.

4. Teamwork

“Work together” is the trigger to remind students to think about cooperating with others, encouraging those who struggle and accepting the contribution of all team members.

Focus on establishing leadership mindsets (‘think like a leader’) as well as developing various skills needed to become effective and respected leaders.

These activities were extracted from the Young Leaders Program, that I co-created with teacher Sue McAdam especially designed for Australian senior primary students. It’s now conducted in over 1,000 schools.The Young Leaders Program, that’s already in 1,200 Australian schools, has been completely revamped to fit into contemporary Australian schools.

AT LAST: A complete leadership program for Years 5 & 6 and elected student leaders…that’s easy-to-run and takes little teacher time.

As a result of teacher feedback we made sure that the new Young Leaders Program is easy for teachers to use, caters for more students, and is more affordable than the previous version … and takes up less teacher time as well, which is a huge bonus.

It’s three programs in one

The Young Leaders Program has three parts. There’s a practical program for both Year 5 and Year 6 as well as an Induction Program for elected leaders. All three programs feature four building blocks of student leadership that are specific to the Young Leaders Program. The four building blocks are wonderful foundations to extend leadership development throughout the school.

A leadership program in a box

Everything you need to run this program now is at your finger tips! Here’s what’s you get: a comprehensive teacher manuals with quick start guides written in teacher language; a complete set of lesson plans with motivating activities; modern student workbooks; a set of posters; a class set of leadership cards; pre and post evaluation activities; and certificates of completion. It even has a letter to parents … there’s an at home component that parents will love!

Each teacher can get their own copy of the program

There’s nothing more annoying than sharing one program with multiple grades so each program is available in PDF format on a disc on the inside cover. You can print as many copies of the teacher’s manuals and lessons as you need as well as multiple copies of the student workbooks.

Part 1: Personal leadership
Second last year of primary school

This six session program introduces kids to the four building blocks of student leadership. It focuses on developing personal leadership before introducing them to public leadership in the following year. This solid leadership training gives kids the background they need to be effective role models for their peers and set a positive tone at the top of the school.

Part 2: Public leadership
Last year of primary school

A highly motivating four week program that needs a minimum of formal teaching. It combines in-school learning activities that kids already do, with at-home chores (parents will love this!) for successful completion. This part of the program focuses on the skills and mindsets they need for leading others.

Part 3: Induction Program

This two by 60 minute Induction program will prepare elected students for their positions of leadership and give them a greater understanding of leadership in general. Importantly, it will make sure all your student leaders get on the same page. It provides a valuable term meeting guide so that leaders continue to receive valuable teacher support.


This attractive set of posters displays the four building blocks, the mindsets required and essential leadership behaviours for each.

Leadership cards

This versatile pack of leadership cards outlines 32 leadership qualities that are used within the class lessons.

Here’s what your colleagues say:

“I found the sessions easy to follow and engaging for my
students. The teacher notes are very clear and helped me get
a real picture of what kids should do in each session. I love the
printable proformas and templates.”
Kim Ritchie Year 6 coordinator Vic

“The NEW Young Leaders Program is a great enhancement to our
existing leadership program. It’s sequential, enjoyable for kids
and importantly, easy for teachers to implement. The concept
of personal and public leadership adds a new dimension to our
programs. I know parents will see great value and fully support
this program.”
Andrew Forrest, Principal Baxter PS Vic

About the Young Leaders Program creators

Michael Grose Sue McAdam

Michael Grose and Sue McAdam are both trained primary teachers with over 30 years of hands-on teaching experience between them. Michael is well-known in the parenting area and his student leadership work is highly regarded in Australia and in Singapore schools. A well-regarded classroom practitioner Sue has designed lessons that are practical, interesting and easy for busy teachers to conduct.

Money-back guarantee:

“If this program doesn’t meet your expectations in the first three months we’ll refund all money paid.” Michael Grose Sue McAdam

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Michael Grose

Michael Grose, founder of Parenting Ideas, is one of Australia’s leading parenting educators. He’s the author of 12 books for parents including Spoonfed Generation and the best-selling Why First Borns Rule the World and Last Borns Want to Change It. His latest release Anxious Kids, was co-authored with Dr Jodi Richardson.