Choose your child’s name wisely

5 October 2015

Choose your child’s name wisely

uzz! Banditt! La_a!
These are all names for new ranges of confectionary, toys or character from the latest family movies, right?


They’re all extreme examples of the new designer names that some parents have given their babies in the last twelve months

A designer name may sound like a good idea at the time but that doesn’t mean it’s fair to lumber your child with it.

Is it fair to give a child a name that they’ll always have to explain?

Is it fair to give a child a name that they’ll always have to spell?

Is it fair to give a baby a name that’s more suited to a stripper or a dog than to a child?

It’s not fair and it’s not smart either.

There are a number of studies linking a person’s income to the type of moniker they carry.

Traditionally, kids with old-fashioned names such as your George, Sarah and Grace have been likely to be higher income earners than your Latisha’s, Moonbeam’s and Jetz’s!

Now there’s a new group of new-moneyed parents opting for designer names too with Tarquin, Giselle and Saskia gaining in popularity.

I’m not sure these names pass the reasonable boardroom test. Here’s how it works.

Picture a child as a 40 year old about to join a group of influential business people around board table:

“Attention everyone, I’d like to introduce you to our new board member – Tilly.”

“Is that short for Matilda?”

“No, it’s just Tilly!”


Names last a lifetime so it’s worth thinking carefully about the names we lumber our children with.

They define their social status; may well influence their future incomes and could mean a lifetime of derision.

Here’s my advice for anyone wanting to give a faddish name to their baby.

Don’t! Give it to your dog instead. He never has to spell it, explain it or live long enough to regret it.

Give your child a name that he never has to spell out; a name he never has to explain and a name that he won’t blame his parents for decades down the track.

And for good measure it may even be a name that has some links and relevance to your culture or family, which will enhance your child’s a sense a belonging further down the track.

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