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No coming back from a No!

No means No, right? Well, yes… and no! Kids forever want things from their parents, whether it’s a commodity (“Can I have an ice cream, please?”), permission (“Can I use your IPad, please?”) or greater freedom (“Is it okay if …

Playing favourites

Favouritism is perhaps a taboo area in families. But parents rarely treat each child the same. Do you have a favourite child in your family? If so, you are quite normal according to recent research. One Australian study found that around …

15 ways to love your child confidently

Parents have two things in common. Firstly, every parent experiences some challenges or difficulties at some point raising kids. Whether it’s managing challenging behaviour, keeping a child’s chin up when life doesn’t go their way or helping a young person …

A cool tool to reduce teenage risk

Many parents think their teenagers are three years younger than they really are, while most teenagers think they are three years older than they are. Finding middle ground can be hard work. Teenagers generally want more freedom, while parents want …

Father to Father

The wonderful thing about current day dads is that so many want to have hands-on involvement with their kids. Here are five ideas to help that involvement be more positive

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