Talking Parenting - Resilience

Talking Parenting - Resilience $347.00

Reduce overprotectiveness and reduce parent anxiety

At last you can conduct interactive parenting sessions in your own school that parents will love.

And you don’t need specialist knowledge or skills. This teacher-facilitated program is easy-to-run, low in time and takes little preparation. It’s a fun discussion-based way to help
all parents in your school. It includes:

• A fully-edited DVD of eight learning segments. This resource offers 8 sessions on resilience.
Presenters manual with full session plans (also in PDF format)
Participant materials (also in PDF format)
• A Quick Start Guide so you can start straight away.

This program teaches parents about the important topic of Resilience. It consists of 8 one hour sessions that can also stand alone. Parents watch a short DVD presentation of Michael Grose giving tips and strategies about each topic. Then using discussion-based activities laid out in the program parents reflect on their own parenting and make plans to turn their learnings into action. All learning materials supplied.

Topics include:

  • What's Resilience about?
  • Developing independence in kids
  • Dealing with teasing
  • Helping kids learn to lose well
  • Promoting optimism in kids

This program comes with 100% 60 day money-back guarantee, if in the unlikely event that this program doesn't live up to your expectations. 

"Michael, our parents loved this program. It fully-engaged our parents in this very important topic. Resilience gave me the confidence I needed to facilitate my first parenting sessions. I can now add Parenting Educator to my CV!!!" Kelly Forrester, Smales PS.

So there's absolutely no risk to you...............