Now every parent in your school can have powerful, visual reminders to raise and assist kids with learning everyday. 

Anecdotal evidence suggests that people don’t throw bookmarks away. Like books, they are keepers!

You can give parents a bookmark at a parent teacher interview, a parenting information evening or send it home with your regular newsletter.

These bookmarks are attractive, informative and durable as they come on glossy, heavy duty board.

Linking to Learning Series - Literacy (P), Numeracy (P), Starting Secondary School (P)(S), Study Smart (S), Learning (S), Motivation (S)

Better Parenting Series - Achieve (P)(S), Well-being (P)(S), Resilience (P)(S), Confidence (P)(S), Teenagers(S), Best Behaviour (P)



Achieve Bookmark

Achieve Bookmark $104.50

Achieve: Working with your child’s t... more info

Best Behaviour Bookmark

Best Behaviour Bookmark $104.50

Best Behaviour: Making kids social & keeping t... more info

Confidence Bookmark

Confidence Bookmark $104.50

Confidence: Taking their place in the worl... more info

Learning Bookmark

Learning Bookmark $104.50

Learning: Maintaining academic agi... more info

Literacy Bookmark

Literacy Bookmark $104.50

Literacy: Reaching literacy milestones
more info

Motivation Bookmark

Motivation Bookmark $104.50

Motivation: Maintaining enthusiasm... more info

Numeracy Bookmark

Numeracy Bookmark $104.50

Numeracy: Make home count
<... more info

Resilience Bookmark

Resilience Bookmark $104.50

Resilience: Helping kids coping with setba... more info

Starting Secondary School Bookmark

Starting Secondary School Bookmark $104.50

Starting Secondary School: Taking ... more info

Study Smart Bookmark

Study Smart Bookmark $104.50

Study Smart: Taking them placesmore info

Teenagers Bookmark

Teenagers Bookmark $104.50

Teenagers: Remember what it was like to be a teen<... more info

Well-Being Bookmark

Well-Being Bookmark $104.50

Well-Being: feeling good about yourself and others... more info