Parenting Bookmarks

Build good will with parents and support student learning with these powerful visual reminders.

These attractive, sturdy bookmarks are ideal for start-of-the-year reminders, for parent-teacher meetings, information nights, or to send home with your school newsletters.

The Parenting Bookmarks support the great work you do at school!


Linking to Learning series

Help families support their children’s learning at home. Each bookmark contains key principles on the front and 10 simple tips on the back.

There are six bookmarks in this series: Literacy, Numeracy and Starting secondary school are ideal for primary school-aged parents. Study Smart, Learning and Motivation (& Starting secondary school) are ideal for secondary school aged parents.

Parenting bookmarks 


Better Parenting Series

Promote better parenting in every family. Each bookmark has timeless parenting principles on the front and 10 simple strategies on the back in line with your school’s good educational practice.

There are six bookmarks in this series: Achieve, Well-being, Resilience, Confidence, Teenagers and Best Behaviour.

Parenting Bookmarks
Parenting bookmarks 

The Parenting bookmarks come in bundles of 100, or 500 (to save money) and are affordably priced for schools with tight budgets.

Money-back guarantee: “In the unlikely event these bookmarks don’t live up to your expectations simply return them to our office and we’ll provide a full refund.” Michael Grose