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1 October

Eight HOT ways to put some sizzle in your student leadership program

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Michael Grose
Check out these eight HOT ideas guarenteed to put some sizzle in your student leadership program:

1. Challenge student leaders to work out personal goals or achievements.

Research clearly shows that adults and kids who set goals usually achieve more from a program or a year than those who don’t. So get your student leaders to identify 2 or 3 goals or achievements for the year. Even better, they should write them down and refer back to them regularly. This will help turn their leadership year into a personal growth experience.

2. Decide their legacy

Challenge your students to think about how they would like to be remembered and what they would like others to think of them. This helps develop the notion of a legacy, which is an advanced but important leadership notion.

3. Choose a cause to support

Encourage your student leadership team to choose a cause or charity to support this year. A fresh consciously chosen cause gives more meaning to your social service activities.

4. Organise a speaking competition

Encourage presentation skills development by organising a lunch-time speaking competition for prospective student leaders. Get your current student leaders to organise and judge!

5. Create a Student Leadership Day

Organise a number of activities that highlight student leadership development. Invite a number of prominent, interesting leaders to share their ideas and experiences of leadership.

6. Move from peer mediator to peer mentor

Many schools have mediation programs lead by student leaders. You can extend these programs by introducing a mentoring component. That is, those students who experience social difficulties can be matched with a student leader to mentor them in positive ways. Start small and work with one or two leaders to kick it off.

7. Close the loop

It’s common to recognise newly elected leaders formally through school assemblies and newsletters, but it’s equally important to close the leadership loop with some type of celebration of a job well done. This can be a special luncheon, thank you awards or some other activity. Ideally it will become an entrenched part of your leadership program.

8. Pass on their learnings

Consider how this year’s leaders will pass on their experiences and learnings to the next crop of leaders. A simple way is to conduct a meeting where this year’s leaders talk about their experiences to prospective leaders. Alternatively, if you’ve elected your 2011 leadership team then a more formal on-on-one learning program can occur.

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