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Keeping your family-school partnerships strong

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4 November

Parent-Teacher Partnership Checklist

Submitted by:
Michael Grose
Use these 13 questions to Review and Renew your teacher-parent partnership. Beware: many of the questions are challenging.

1. Do teachers know the protocols to create a productive relationship with parents?                  

2. Do you have strategies in place to engage hard-to-reach parents?                                           

3. Wherever possible do teachers in your school use high impact face-to-face relationship-building strategies?       

4. Are there known guidelines for safe and professional interactions between teachers and parents?

5. Do parents fully understand their role in supporting their child’s education?                                                

6. Do staff feel confident supporting parents with their parenting challenges?                                      

7. Do staff know how to refer parents with significant problems to relevant in-school or outside school agencies for assistance and support?
8. Are you continually building up your list of resources and groups where parents can go for assistance?                                                                           
9. Are all meetings and information sessions with parents conducted professionally, efficiently and in a friendly manner?                                                

10.Do staff follow up parent meetings within appropriate communications within a reasonable length of time?

11.Do all staff return communications with parents with a known timeframe?   

12. Do teachers know how to act as advocates for parents within the school or education system when necessary?  

13.Do you have a client care policy to ensure best practice teacher interactions with parents?

If you answered NO more than five times, this could potentially be undermining your parent-teacher relationships - costing you time, as well as impacting negatively on teacher well-being and student performance. Contact Parentingideasschools to find out how we can help you minimise your risk.



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