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21 March

Create a great client care culture with these 3 ideas

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Michael Grose
Client care is central to building strong parent-school partnerships. Great client care is shown through three key three aspects.

First, making parents feel welcome when they come into your school, classroom or your specific area.

Second, making sure that every experience they have is as pleasant and positive as possible.

Third, ensure that parents’ concerns and queries are taken seriously, so they feel listened to.

Client care is shown mainly through your personal interactions with parents, but it’s also shown by environmental factors such as how a meeting room is set up; the cleanliness and set-up of the school welcome area; and the clarity of signage and noticeboard areas.

Here’s are 2 simple client care assignments:

1. Take a walk
Start in the school car park and then walk through your school as if you are a new parent. Keep an eye out for the signage and the spaces where parents assemble. How clear and welcoming is the signage? How pleasant and welcoming are the spaces for parents?

2. Now imagine
Imagine a parent walking among the class areas in your school during school hours (assume they are there legitimately). How would they be typically greeted and treated by team members in your school? Would they be acknowledged or ignored? Would someone stop to enquire if they need help or diections?

How did you go? What did you discover? What do you need to change or add to make coming into your school a welcoming experience for parents?

Client care is the single most important strategy to put in place to develop strong teacher-parent partnerships in a school. Client care is easy to do, but it's also easy not to do.

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