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18 February

Discover parents' hopes for their kids

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Parents have a story about their child. They may have never articulated their story, but they have one for each of their children. It consists of hopes, dreams and aspirations for a bright future that begins at the birth of their child.

They are present right now in each parent of children in your class or school. They may hope that their child enjoys this year more than the previous year. They may have identified problems and issues over and above those identified in last year's school reports. They may just want their child to have more friends this year.

It's imperative to listen to parents at the start of the year to find out what they want for their child in the coming year. Here are some questions that may help parents articulate their goals and aspirations for their child this year in your class ot school:

1. How was last year for your child?

2. What's your child looking forward to this year?

3. What are you looking forward to this year for your child?

4. Is there anything specific that you'd like your child to do, to learn or to develop this year?

5. Is there anything your child wants to really work on this year?

Sitting down and really listening to parents in the first part of the year is such an overlooked activity. It's so important to  make sure that their voice is heard and appreciated by their child's teachers. Do so and it will pay dividends down the track in terms of you meeting their needs and the needs of their child, as well as building a tremendous amount of genuine good will.

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