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Parents are increasingly demanding and they need your help!

More than ever parents are turning to schools for advice, information and direction about how to raise their kids. Yet their issues are increasingly complex, demanding specific advice which is often beyond the expertise of teachers and principals.

Parentingideas has the experience, expertise and resources to help you rise to the challenge of supporting, managing and engaging today’s parents.

How can Parentingideas help?

Become a member of our Parentingideas school community and you’ll get access to all the resources and help you need to turn your school into Parenting Support Central. There are two membership options:

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Newsletter Articles

Turn your school into the hub of parenting support in your community with these great resources:

  • 4 specially-written Michael Grose parenting articles each month with full reproducible rights, attractively laid out for your school newsletter.
  • Full access to Michael Grose's article vault
  • 100’s of expert parenting guides & tip sheets for parent-teacher meetings, parenting evenings and other parent events.
  • Quarterly parenting magazine to pass on to all your parent community.
  • Parenting blog for your school’s website
  • Links to further information


School Membership PLUS+

Newsletter Articles
Professional Development

Get all the articles PLUS more

  • A copy of Working with Parents PD Perspective each month focusing on building strong relationships with parents. Photocopy and share with all your staff.
  • A new 10 Minute Relationship-builder Workshop every month to kick off your staff or level meetings. These practical workshops build staff communication skills and customer care practices.
  • Take part in our Smart Schools webinar series. Each term you’ll be invited to join a webinar focusing on engaging, managing and supporting parents.
  • Access to online videos and PD resources.
  • First option to our workshops of visiting experts.