Secret Girls' Business

Secret Girls' Business $18.00

Angelo, Pritchard, Stewart

Is a clear, concise and friendly book to help girls, as young as eight years of age, understand the changes they go through when reaching puberty.

It aims to:
Present a simple brief account of puberty as part of a girls' life journey.
Celebrate changes to the female body.
Dispel myths, legends and fears by presenting accurate information in a colourful, child friendly format.
Promote comfortable discussion.
Enhance confidence and self-esteem of young girls.
Provide hints for parents, teachers and carers with special hints for Dads.

"Secret Girls' Business provides easy to understand information about growing up and more specifically, periods. The book will assist girls in understanding their bodies and the changes that will take place. The straightforward language and excellent illustrations make this book ideal for preparing young girls for puberty." Kelsey Powell Author of The Puberty Book and Chief Executive Officer at Family Planning Queensland

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