Dinosnores Sleep CD - Fairy

Dinosnores Sleep CD - Fairy $22.00

Fairy – A little fairy snuggles up on it's comfy mushroom bed listening to the sounds of a secret fairy garden at night.

Dinosnores are international award-winning guided visualisation and meditations cd’s for children.

Each CD has a 30 minute story followed by a 60 minute soundscape which takes children on an imaginative journey using guided relaxation and meditation techniques that help children slow their breathing, relax their bodies and settle for the night.

Dinosnores has been designed by speech pathologist Sherene Alfreds to encourage listening and language development. Making use of explanation and repetition, Dinosnores stories use simple language concepts to build advanced listening skills and vocabulary.

Dinosnores sleepy stories and snoozy landscapes are an essential part of every parenting toolkit.

Suitable for primary and pre-primary aged children.