Girl Wise Set

Girl Wise Set $66.00

Comprises 4 titles in this series:

Girl Wise: A guide to being You

In this book you’ll discover:
• Why you are unique and valuable
• Discovering your own unique gifts and talents
• How to develop a healthy self-esteem
• Creating your own personal space
• Feelings and how to cope with negative ones
• How to get along better with others
• Fun activities for girls to complete

Girl Wise: A girls guide to life

Topics covered:
• Families
• Dealing with friendships
• Managing social media and the internet
• Coping with bullying
• Dealing with school issues
• Strategies for coping with tough times
• Coping with anxiety and stress

Girl Wise: A guide to taking care of your body

Topics covered:
• Understanding the different body systems
• Caring for your body
• Keeping active and eating well
• Maintaining a healthy body image
• Introduction to puberty
• Managing stress

Girl Wise: A Girl’s Guide to Friends

In this book you’ll discover:
• Tips for making new friends
• How you can build strong and healthy friendships
• How to help your friends when they are struggling
• Helpful ways you can deal with bullying
• How to work through conflict with friends
• Key communication tips that work
• Fun activities and ideas to do with your friends