Wise Guys: A boy's guide to life

Wise Guys: A boy's guide to life $22.00

Sometimes when we are younger, we go through some great times, but also some tough times too. Whether that be problems with friends, school, family or coping with change, this book is written especially for you – to help you in your journey in growing up to be all that you were created you to be.

“Where was this book when I needed it as a boy? It’s more of a manual than a book because it gives boys fabulous hints, tricks and tips for handling all the important stuff like getting organised, using the internet and being a good mate. Mark this down as “Must Get For A Boy in My Life” pile.”
Michael Grose www.parentingideas.com.au

Topic covered include:
• Families
• Dealing with friendships
• Managing Social media and the Internet
• Coping with bullying
• Dealing with school issues
• Strategies for coping with tough times
• Coping with anxiety and stress
• Making mistakes

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