Children's Books

 We have range of books specially selected by my team to help children to be confident and resilient.


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My Underpants RULE!

My Underpants RULE! $22.00

By Kate and Rod Power The FUN, EASY way to teac... more info

The Underwater Fancy Dress Parade

The Underwater Fancy Dress Parade $20.00

The day before the underwater fancy-dress para... more info

Children's Books

A Secret Safe To Tell

A Secret Safe To Tell $20.00

By Naomi Hunter

It happened whe... more info

Even Mummy Cries

Even Mummy Cries $20.00

By Naomi Hunter

Our mummy says she ... more info

Girl Wise Set

Girl Wise Set $66.00

Comprises 4 titles in this series:

... more info

Mr Jitters

Mr Jitters $15.00

by Kerry Moss
Behavioural and anxiety di... more info

Everyday Jitters

Everyday Jitters $15.00

by Jeanene Ecob
This story book is aimed... more info

Secret Boys Business

Secret Boys Business $18.00

Angelo, Pritchard, Stewart

Secret Boys'... more info

Secret Girls' Business

Secret Girls' Business $18.00

Angelo, Pritchard, Stewart

Is a clear, ... more info

More Secret Girls Business

More Secret Girls Business $18.00

By Anderson/Angelo/Stewart
'More... more info

Wise Guys: A boy's guide to life

Wise Guys: A boy's guide to life $22.00

Sometimes when we are younger, we go through some ... more info

You're Different Jemima

You're Different Jemima $20.00

By Jedidah Morley

Jemima likes to s... more info